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Setting Up Email

There are two kinds of email you could setup on your computer or device. They are POP3 (or POP) and IMAP. You can choose which type of email to use or just go with your defaults, but you'll need to know which is which in order to deploy your settings correctly. 


This is the default on most email applications. If you don't purposely select something else, then you will probably setup an IMAP account. 

Setting Up Email IMAP for an Multiple Devices

STEP 1: Incoming IMAP Server

You need to enter the name of our IMAP server provided by our server for your email and website. It's purpose is the gather incoming mail and serve it to you. The name of our mail server is "mail.savvywebster.net".
- Enter "mail.savvywebster.net" as the POP3 server.

Choose a CMS

I am often asked to explain the differences between the different Content Management Systems. While I try to give an objective evaluation, you must know that I have chosen the Drupal CMS framework exclusively for all our work. This is after having built my own CMS from scratch and spending two years in search of the best possible platform. 

There are many CMS's, some proprietary, some opensource. I will focus on the most popular CMS frameworks, which are all opensource. 

Launch CSS3 NOW!

After so many years of fighting incompatible web coding standards, it's a relief to find a standard that doesn't break things in non-compliant browsers. With CSS, you can breath life into every button, take the stiffness out of graphics and even add animation--all without harming the look in older browsers, like Internet Explorer 8. 



Training is the single best investment a company can make. An hour of proper training can prevent days and weeks of struggling to find an answer or just plain doing things the hard way. Where a classroom situation is unrealistic, online webinars are simple to organize, cheap and easy to pull off. 


Development Basics

If I were to setup a Drupal Development effort at a client company, I would recommend the following basic steps. Note these steps are not very in depth or technical, since those making the decisions behind them typically are not experts in development. 

Testing in Drupal

Recruit EVERYONE. There’s no such thing as too much testing. It’s to your advantage to engage everyone in the company. Ask for their help. Explain the definition of a bug (unexpected behavior) and give them your direct line to contact you immediately if they find something. Encourage company personnel to setup the company websites as their default home pages. 

Why Drupal


After eight years of writing proprietary CMS software, we decided to convert over to the more conventional system now available. Such options were not as attractive when we started in business so many years ago. We explored for two years before eventually settling on Drupal. Here’s why.

Mail Services

Spam Exposure

Rule number 1: never post your email address online. Anti-spam strategies, such as removing the link, rendering the address as a graphic or enclosing it into a PDF file, are all subject to fail. The best strategy is just to never expose it. 

Contact Forms

Contact forms are most useful in giving contact access to email without exposing the address. However, be aware that spam bots are adept at filling out forms and spamming you anyway, so you’ll need to take measures to prevent automatic submissions, such as a Captcha challenge. 

First and Foremost: Keep a Record


Where there is more than one person involved in your website project, you need to document project requirements, procedures, goals and important notes. Anything not written down can potentially be lost. Lost information has a good chance of harming your company or your project. By contrast, retaining useful information can be a valuable company asset. 


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