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First and Foremost: Keep a Record


Where there is more than one person involved in your website project, you need to document project requirements, procedures, goals and important notes. Anything not written down can potentially be lost. Lost information has a good chance of harming your company or your project. By contrast, retaining useful information can be a valuable company asset. 


Mail Services


Spam Exposure

Rule number 1: never post your email address online. Anti-spam strategies, such as removing the link, rendering the address as a graphic or enclosing it into a PDF file, are all subject to fail. The best strategy is just to never expose it. 

Update on Our IPv4 to IPv6 Transition

It's a standards issue that affects everyone, everywhere there is networking and Internet, including cell and VoIP phones, credit card devices, ATM's, the power grids, air traffic, et cetera, et cetera. I have commented frequently on the impending transition away from 4-part IP addresses to 6-part IP addresses over the Internet. We refer to them to IPv4 and IPv6, respectively. Here's my update. 

'Service with a Smile' vs. the Vending Machine

I love the convenience of walking up to a vending machine any time of the day or night and getting what I want, when I want it, and it's cheap. Today's economy has spawned a whole industry of quick, cheap services, similar to vending machines and promising the same cheap gratification. But it doesn't work for everything.

We're Like a General Contractor for Web Sites

Too often our clients and friends "on the outside" wonder what it is we do. They know we build web sites, but they have no idea what that entails, and the whole process seems to intimidate and confuse people. We're here to tell you, there's no need for intimidation. Just think of us as a general contractor

Of all the CMS frameworks, why Drupal?

After eight years of writing proprietary CMS software, we decided to convert over to the more conventional system now available. Such options were not as attractive when we started in business so many years ago. We explored for two years before we finally settled on Drupal. Here’s why.

SOLVED: WA State Sales Tax

Selling online can be complicated, but in Washington State calculating sales tax is a major undertaking. That's because they require you to charge tax based on where the customer takes delivery. Brick and mortar retailers are therefore unaffected because their customers take delivery at the store. But sales online means every customer can have a different tax rate, and the state requires you to report the corresponding municipal tax code to prove it. 

First Steps to Successful Social Media in Business

Friends and clients are always asking me to help them with SEO and social media. Without getting into the nitty-gritty technical details, there are something anyone can do to help themselves have a successful online marketing plan. 

Here are the basics...

Testimonials Right Up Front

Compliments from satisfied customers not only make you look good, but they add a measure of credibility to your product or service. In a time when people have to trust you to part with their money, testimonials are essential. 

Home Page, Every Page

Because they're so important, it's good to show your testimonials everywhere. Just make sure you have more than one and show a different testimonial in each spot. 

Password Breaking is Your Reality

Not fear-mongering, not science fiction. There are crooks in the Internet laying siege, trying to guess your password and break into your accounts. That is YOUR EMAIL, YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS, YOUR WEB SITE, RIGHT NOW, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. What are you going to do about it? 

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