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The REAL Cost of Cheap Web Design

Would you try to save money on medical bills by having a college intern do your surgery? Would you consider having a student defend you in court? Tough economic times necessitate thrift, but hiring unqualified labor for professional services is a sure way to lose money. 

We Are a Design Firm

Recently I heard someone refer to our company as a host provider, meaning we provide servers for hosting web sites. While that is certainly true, it misses the point of why we do it. We are NOT a host company. We are a design firm, first and last. 

ALERT: How to Stop the Copyright Wolves from Extorting You

This is not new, but it's a growing controversy. Getty Images and other stock photo companies are taking advantage of this form of legal extortion that could cost you hundreds of dollars per offense. 

Defragmenting Your Web Strategy

Does your company web strategy resemble a team of clydesdales pulling the Budweiser wagon, or is it more like a panicked stampede of wild donkeys going every which way but forward? Below are five steps to keeping your web strategy unified. 

The Risk of a 'Free' Web Site

Free is GREAT, when it makes sense. But a wise project manager will tell you that ALL things have a cost, as well as a benefit, and that cost is not always monetary. With free stuff, the non-monetary cost is not always apparent until later. That's what we mean by "risk". 

Do you browse the web with a smartphone?

Why Build Web Sites in Drupal?

The Drupal CMS framework is something that makes our firm unique among many of our colleagues. We have gone to a great deal of trouble to procure hosting facilities and training to enable us to offer this service to our clients. After a little more than a year, we can say with confidence that our investment is paying off. 

Drupal offers three distinct advantages: a quality CMS platform, rubust functionality and continued long-term support. 

Accordion View: Drawers for Your Content

Got a page that's 10 feet long and impossible to read? It's crammed with lots of great content, but there's so much of it, no one ever gets past the first page? What if you could take all that great content and squeeze it down to a few visual inches and not lose any of the text? No, we're not talking about micro-type. 

Custom Forms, Made to Order

Ever have the need for one of these in your business: 


Personal service, that’s what it’s all about. There are no strangers here. We work only with clients we know and like. No cutting corners on our systems either. We take care to ensure our servers are up-to-date and beefed up for uptime approaching 100%. 

For more information, see our Premium Hosting page. For prices on any of our packages, contact us directly. 

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