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How to Save Money on a Web Project

The most common answer I get from new clients when I ask what they're looking for is, "I want it as cheap as you can make it." Whether that's a commentary on the economy or a reflection on their regard web services, it's still a valid request, if a little unrealistic at times. 

What is your favorite browser?

Log-In Doesn't Work


  • CAPS Lock is turned off.
  • You have a good Internet connection.
  • Cookies are enabled.
  • Your browser's security settings aren't over stringent.
  • Your computer's time and date is accurate.
  • Anti-virus software is not inhibiting you.
  • Your computer is clear of Spyware and viruses.


Restoring Lost Files or Data

We can't fix everything, but there are measures provided to protect your data that take place on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Whether you've corrupted your own data, deleted records or somehow trashed your web site, there are measures we can take.

Service Applications

If you are using one of Tom Ogden's service applications, you have the very best defense. Service applications are driven by databases, which are backed up every night. Even if you discover the error occured some time ago, we keep incremental backups of the database going back more than a year.

About Viruses


  1. Try to disinfect your computer using virus software. If necessary, use the emergency CD from the software to reboot your computer and fix the problem.
  2. Download the latest system patches from Microsoft.com and install on you machine.
  3. Emergency solutions can be found at Symantec's Support page for some of the major infections.

Using FTP

Find an FTP Browser

Most HTML editors, like FrontPage or DreamWeaver have their own FTP browsers built into the program. Otherwise, you can find a number of good quality FTP browsers on the Internet for free or very inexpensive. We would recommend WS-FTP from Ipswitch.com or FTP Commander from Internet-Soft.com.


This is your domain. Usually you can just enter your domain in the field. To be more proper, some FTP browsers let you preface your domain with "ftp:/".

Setting Up Email for an Old-fashioned POP Account

STEP 1: Incoming POP3 Server

That's the server provided by our server for your web site. It's purpose is the gather incoming mail and relay it back to you. The name of our mail server is "mail.savvywebster.net".
- Enter "mail.savvywebster.net" as the POP3 server.

Web Mail from Your Browser

    Here are the steps:
  1. Open a web browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
  2. Go to your own web site, hosted by Tom Ogden.
  3. In the address/URL field, replace the "www" with "webmail". For example, if your domain is "olyprinter.com", you would put "http://webmail.olyprinter.com/" in the address field.
  4. Hit the 'Enter' button. This will take you to a special page with links to web mail clients.
  5. Choose IMP Webmail. You could use SQ Web Mail, but I've found it to be a little buggy, at least on my computer.

Client Support

This section is provided as a service to all clients of Tom Ogden Design. Have a look and see if the answer to your question is here. While we endeavor to answer every question our clients pose, it is impossible to anticipate every possible concern. In other cases your concern applies only to you and would not be appropriate for a public medium.

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