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Flash's Alter Ego: Open Source Flash

We've said some pretty disparaging things about Adobe Flash lately, but it's not ALL bad. We're all big fans of the Open Source movement here, and it just so happens that Flash has an open source alternative. 

Flash for Linux

Originating in 2005, this tiny, but vibrant community (see ) distributes ActionScript editors and IDE's for .SWF files, documentation, training and over 120 projects currently in development. 

Lost in GoDaddy?

Everyone says GoDaddy makes it so easy to register your own domain names. Easy to pick a name, easy to take your money. "But that's okay," you say, "because it's really cheap," which makes the purchase really easy. Before you know it, you've spent 10 times more than you would have going somewhere else. 

Get Google to Notice You with Coordinated Page Titles

Here's a trick: Google loves it when you correlate the titles of your pages with the URL and the content header. It's the kind of consistency that tells Google you have well defined content. But it might seem like a lot of work or too technical for some people. Here's our solution. 

What We're Talking About

Before we explain the easy solution, let's explain the situation. There are three places to find the title of a page, and you want all three of them to match to get Google results. 

No More Broken Links

A client just came to us after launching their new site and had a big problem. A large online reseller had posted their entire product directory with links to their old website addresses, but all the links have changed. As a result links to their web site generated thousands of "404 - Page Not Found" errors--dead ends for customers. 

Social Media Icons on Your Website

You have a Facebook fan page, you Twitter, you're LinkedIn, and you blog. Then why don't you display the social icons on your web site? Big, bulky Facebook badges are so gauche. It looks so much better to line up all your social icons in a row. 

NEED A REFERENCE? Computer Services

Need a reference on a COMPUTER TECHNICIAN? Need to purchase computer hardware? Our company is heavily networked into the local communities, so we know all the best local providers for various industries. 

We field a lot of calls from our clients and business colleagues, looking for help with their PC's, Exchange servers and even Macs. We don't service these ourselves, but we recognize the importance of being able to refer them to our clients. 

Web Design in 2010: Eight Points of NOW Design

It used to be a home page only had 4 main elements: banner, menu, photo, text. Today's web sites need twice the elements in order to engage their audience, and some of those elements should be dynamic, constantly changing. 

Wider, Fuller

Over the years, computer monitors and their graphics cards have been steadily increasing resolution and color. Web site dimensions have increased from 600 pixels in the past to over 1,000 pixels today and still increasing. They typically now have at least two columns and frequently three columns of layout or more. 

The REAL Cost of Cheap Web Design

Would you try to save money on medical bills by having a college intern do your surgery? Would you consider having a student defend you in court? Tough economic times necessitate thrift, but hiring unqualified labor for professional services is a sure way to lose money. 

We Are a Design Firm

Recently I heard someone refer to our company as a host provider, meaning we provide servers for hosting web sites. While that is certainly true, it misses the point of why we do it. We are NOT a host company. We are a design firm, first and last. 

ALERT: How to Stop the Copyright Wolves from Extorting You

This is not new, but it's a growing controversy. Getty Images and other stock photo companies are taking advantage of this form of legal extortion that could cost you hundreds of dollars per offense.