Client Support

This section is provided as a service to all clients of Tom Ogden Design. Have a look and see if the answer to your question is here. While we endeavor to answer every question our clients pose, it is impossible to anticipate every possible concern. In other cases your concern applies only to you and would not be appropriate for a public medium. In any case, if you don't find what you're looking for here, e-mail us your question, and we'll be happy to respond.

If you are not a client and find something of use to you, we are glad to be of assistance. Maybe we can do business together someday.

To Contact Us

Any service outage is a priority call. If you experience a disruption in service or any kind of on-line bug, call us immediately. For all other needs, contact us via regular channels.

Web Mail from Your Browser

It works like Hotmail or Gmail. Even if you're traveling, you can still check your e-mail. All you need is a computer with web access. Any computer. Anywhere. [MORE]

Setting Up E-mail

Whether you're using Outlook or Eudora, running on Windows, Linux, Macintosh or Solaris, all you need to understand are those few key points, and you can set up e-mail anywhere. [MORE]

Changing Your E-mail Password

The key is randomness. Go ahead and think of some possible passwords you might otherwise use. Then try these hints for obscuring them from the pirates. [MORE]

Using FTP

For those of you developing your own web sites, here are some simple rules to keep in mind about using our servers. [MORE]

About Viruses

Now is the time to prevent viruses. Don't wait until you get infected and wish you had done something about it. [MORE]

Restoring Lost Files or Data

We can't fix everything, but there are measures provided to protect your data that take place on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Whether you've corrupted your own data, deleted records or somehow trashed your web site, there are measures we can take. [MORE]

Log-in Doesn't Work

Start by narrowing the problem. Have you been able to access it before, or is this a new situation? Can you log-in from other computers on your network? What about from a computer outside your network or business? Is the problem consistent, or do you only see it sometimes? [MORE]