Web Design

We train our designers are trained specifically for design on the web. A good graphic designer does not automatically make a good web designer. The medium is quite different—liberating in some ways, but restricting in others. Then there are the issues of user interface, usability and application consistency. As an art director, not only does Tom Ogden have 23 years of experience in design, but also 6 years of User Interface design in the software industry.

Flash Animation

Creating movies in ActionScript like the kind used in Flash animation is like music. It has rythm and cadence, and there's always a need to harmonize the objects in motion. Even more than movies, Flash has the ability to interface and react with the user far more extensively than HTML or DHTML.

For those few clients who feel the need to express something more, we provide this service as a very competitive rate.

Photo Retouch

Bringing life out of your photos is one of our specialties. 16 years of experience, including training on commercial drum and oversized capstan scanners, have enabled Tom Ogden to bring out the live in photos. Today with digital photography, photo editing software and photos stored on CD, it's still rare to find anyone who can balance a photo correctly without compromising the original image.