Take the Time

In projects of all sizes, the design aspect typically takes about half of all the time and all the resources allocated to the project. Sometimes, in an effort to cut corners, design is left out of a budget, only to reappear on the backside of the project because “it just doesn’t look right.” 

CSS + CMS = Theming

Drupal theming is an optimal division of front end and back end functionality that has resulted from W3C development trends. Styles and design elements that constitute the form of a website are controlled with the CSS, whereas content and function of a website is controlled with the CMS—an almost poetic division of labor. 

Designing Templates Per Need

It amazes me the amount of customization that can take place by simply working within the various template files. There’s a file for the page, another for the nodes within a page, another for the blocks around the page. You can create node files per node type or even per node index number.