Premium Hosting

Some providers exaggerate their capacities to try to get your contract. They know you will only ever use a tiny percentage of what they offer, so they offer you the world. Here's what we offer on the base service. 

Standard Professional Package:

  • 2048 MBytes disk space (most sites use about 20 MBytes)
  • 100,000 MBytes transfer per month (most sites use 1-2% of that)
  • 20 mailboxes, unlimited aliases (most use just 2 mailboxes and 5 aliases)
  • Automatic traffic statistics
  • The OGDEN Group's personal service and support

If you feel you need more capacity than this, we can upgrade you to the next level at your request.

For an idea of available hosting packages, see our Hosting page. 

We host web sites. Our prices are competitive because we want to attract you to our other services, and we want you to stay on for a long time.

Our hosting is full service because we take ownership in your success. We don't just hand you a set of tools and expect you to muddle through. We do most of the work for you. If you need to redirect a page, we're on it. If you have changes to make to your e-mail structure, we'll take care of it.

Personal Service

We know YOU, personally. It's like doing business with your corner coffee shop. There are no overworked temps, no foreign accents, no "let me put you on hold while I ask my supervisor". We are the front line to your service and your friends in business.  

Security and Dependability

Two words: LINUX. Okay, so that's one word, but there is as much meaning in each syllable as in all the hype and rhetoric over any other “well known” platform. In other words, Linus Torvald's adaptation of Unix (the native platform of the Internet) is quite simply the most secure, dependable and inexpensive platform on the Internet. Period.


Check out our simple Support pages. You can e-mail us with questions, as always, and we have an actual toll-free number to call. If you have an emergency, call or e-mail us. We are usually aware of most service outages first, but we appreciate any early tips and are happy to answer your concerns.

Don't be fooled by other services that claim “24/7” tech support. The truth is these services are rarely satisfactory. Few of them give you toll-free numbers. You might be put on hold for long periods. The person on the other end might be in a far country, not entirely conversant in English and difficult to understand. The technicians are rarely experts at hosting administration and usually just trained to answer the phone and read from a list of canned responses.


Backbone is a way of measuring a servers' ability to reach all the Internet. We've gone to great lengths to establish a superior backbone position on the net. That means our servers can be reached more directly and efficiently and with fewer failures than the vast majority of all other servers. If you will do trace route tests on our domains, you will find we perform well from all points around the continent, both east and west coast.