Personal service, that’s what it’s all about. There are no strangers here. We work only with clients we know and like. No cutting corners on our systems either. We take care to ensure our servers are up-to-date and beefed up for uptime approaching 100%. 

For more information, see our Premium Hosting page. For prices on any of our packages, contact us directly. 

P for Professional HostingProfessional Hosting

Capacious hosting for the small business web site, including email, traffic reports and support.


P2 for Professional Level 2 HostingProfessional Level 2 Hosting

Professional hosting, plus extra capacity for the small business that’s not so small and still growing.


C for Commercial HostingCommercial Hosting

Industrial strength hosting for the high-volume Internet storefront with extra email and support.


VS for Virtual Server hostingVirtual Server Hosting

The whole server for your account alone, used any way you please. It includes all the email, traffic reports and support you could need.