Maintenance & Contracts

Keeping current with changes and edits, professionally administered is our cup of tea. While we encourage all our clients to take control of their own content, we recognize there are many situations where this is not possible or desired for some clients. 

We offer general maintenance contracts as well as just making changes piecemeal on an as-needed basis. This can be an inexpensive way to keep a set of professional eyes trained on your web space. 


Available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, our maintenance contracts are for a specific set of services, which are spelled out at the beginning of the term. The idea is to save you the worry of things getting done on a regular basis and in a timely manner. However, where we are dependent on the client for new content, it also means you will have to do your part to provide us what is needed each term. 

As-Needed Maintenance

Work orders (mini projects) for miscellaneous changes are no problem. You provide a well-ordered request for changes and updates, and we provide an estimated cost for the work. After you give your approval, we begin work and usually have it done within a couple of business days, depending on the size of the work order. 

Minimum Charges (Ugh!)

We hate paying for minimum charges, so we do our best to make it a non-factor in our contracts. Our time system, which tracks to the nearest minute, automatically starts each time interval at 12 minutes. Yes, it's a minimum, but not much of one. 

Hourly Rate

The most common, yet the least relevant question. We bid by the job, not by the hour. We bill by the hour, but the rate depends on which of us is doing the work, since some of us are more productive than others. We just do our best to work within the bid.