Setting Up Email

There are two kinds of email you could setup on your computer or device. They are POP3 (or POP) and IMAP. You can choose which type of email to use or just go with your defaults, but you'll need to know which is which in order to deploy your settings correctly. 


This is the default on most email applications. If you don't purposely select something else, then you will probably setup an IMAP account. 

IMAP has a advantage for those who want to manage their email on multiple devices at the same time. For example, if you want to check email on your computer as well as your iPhone, then if you delete a message on your iPhone, IMAP will also delete it at your computer. It can save a lot of work. 

See instructions for setting up IMAP email. 


If you want to keep old POP account settings, then you can continue to use this email type. It also makes it so that you have independent email on your devices in case you are paranoid about accidentally deleting messages. 

See instructions for setting up POP3 email.