Social Media in Drupal

Social Media in Drupal


It is no longer possible to maintain credibility in the marketplace and not have a social media presence. Working in multiple social networks is advantageous, so long as you can avoid simply diluting your efforts among them. 


The basis for all social media strategies generally starts with Facebook. An effective Facebook business page will attract thousands of happy customers and potential buyers. However, this is not the final measure of success. To the contrary, pages with a large following often have a large number of complainer posts, which can sour public perception and injure your brand. It’s therefore vital to temper public posts with attractive offers and useful information that capitalize on the positive side of your company. 


It’s a broadcasting service. Using Twitter is like owning a radio station. You can choose on the one hand to be a broadcaster and tell the world about anything you want to say, or you can choose to be a listener and get news and information faster than you could ever find it on Google. 


This is like Facebook for professionals. It’s an extended resume online. It’s a place for finding the who’s who in whatever industry or profession you want to explore, and it will tell you how to connect with people in those areas.