Terms & Conditions for Service

Design and Development

We sell design and development by the concept. Only our single best concept will be provided unless we specify a different number of concepts. We allow for only one round of changes from your concepts. We cannot stay within your budget to make more changes after the first round. We reserve the right to determine if the changes you ask for are enough to constitute creating a new concept.

Web Site Content

You are responsible for your own content, including prices and spelling. We only post what you tell us to, and because we are human, we sometimes make errors.

Hosting Capacity Limits

We provide reasonable amounts of hosting capacity sufficient for the greatest majority of all users. Hosting capacity is measured in hard disk storage space, RAM, CPU usage and traffic throughput. We reserve the right to determine when you are using more capacity than your contracted service allows, in which case we will upgrade your contract, if we are able to provide sufficient capacity and charge you the increased amount. If we cannot upgrade your service, and we determine your usage to continue to be beyond the capacity of your contract, we reserve the right to terminate your service.

Service Interruptions

We work hard to ensure uninterrupted service for hosting, email and installed software. However, we cannot guarantee any given amount of up time because the circumstances that lead to service interruptions are unforeseen and varied beyond our capacity to anticipate.

Labor Schedules

While we do our best to complete work in a timely manner, we make no promise to complete work on a certain date or that a project will be functional on a certain date.


We don t sell software. All software we develop for your use is the sole property of The Ogden Group. You agree to subscribe to the use of The Ogden Group s software as a service for a minimum period of one year.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer services to help you optimize your web site for search engines, but we cannot guarantee results and have no control over the way your site is placed be a search engine.


If you don t pay your bills on time, we may charge you a late fee. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service without notice. If we terminate your service you are still responsible for any outstanding invoices or late fees.


We issue no refunds for services, including domain registrations and domain transfers. Unused credit in the your account will remain there for up to one year or until it is used to pay for our services.


We reserve the right to cancel any project we feel is not in the best interest of our company. You are still responsible for work done up to that point.

Illegal, Unethical or Adult Activities

We reserve the right to suspend, remove or deny service for anyone engaged in spam, software piracy, copyright infringement, passing viruses, hacking systems other than their own or any other illegal activity or activity that threatens the security of others. We reserve the right to suspend, remove or deny service to anyone publishing content or a sexual or adult nature.