Why Drupal

Why Drupal


After eight years of writing proprietary CMS software, we decided to convert over to the more conventional system now available. Such options were not as attractive when we started in business so many years ago. We explored for two years before eventually settling on Drupal. Here’s why.

Large, Friendly Community

Drupal’s open source community has been regarded in several accounts as particularly friendly and helpful. This is important for more than just social reasons. It’s the cohesiveness of the community that generates the raw power of the platform. As we explored communities on our own and even attended group events, our impressions were confirmed. Drupal fans have been genuinely committed to helping ourselves and others to succeed. 

More Functionality

Drupal is most famous for its extensibility. The framework is designed from the ground up to be customized, and the Drupal community has capitalized on it. For example, the popular e-commerce module, Übercart, has been extended by over 8,000 modules just for that module alone. So it would seem that if there is some special function you need, you can get it with Drupal. Limitations fade away. 

More Security

The security support in Drupal is amazing. The active community is constantly reviewing security risks and making modifications to every module and function of Drupal. The Drupal system automatically monitors for security updates daily and sends notification to site administrators. The modular nature of the system means that it’s easier to fix just those functions that are at risk, rather than waiting in a risky state while a larger component is updated. 

Isn’t Drupal difficult to install and use?

Terms are relative. While it’s true that the average hobbyist will find Drupal much more complex than most other CMS frameworks, the same is NOT true for those who specialize in it. By specializing in Drupal, you are able to build web sites very quickly and efficiently. Because Drupal has superior user management tools, we are likewise able to simplify the user experience to make it easier for our clients as well.